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About Cover

Cover is a mobile-first insurance platform. We’re a national brokerage that works with more than 30 insurance companies.

As a brokerage, we’ll search rates provided by our partner carriers to get you the best price for car, home, and renters insurance. Being mobile-first, we’re unlike other brokerages. You can easily get a quote through the Cover app in three minutes, and chat with our advisors through SMS.

We also manage an auto insurance program, Cover Auto, that is currently available to drivers in Texas, where we offer our own policies.

Cover Auto is an auto insurance program available in Texas and managed by Cover.

Alongside policies presented by our partner carriers, we offer Cover Auto policies as an additional option for eligible drivers.

The program is backed by multiple reinsurance partners that have over $6 billion in assets to pay claims.

Cover Auto policies are currently offered to drivers in Texas when it represents the best option for them.

We will be rolling out Cover Auto in additional states in the near future.

Cover Auto gives preferable rates to good drivers with clean driving records. We are comparable to top-tier insurance carriers across the country in the industry.

When you purchase a Cover Auto policy, you can be confident that your coverage and claims processing experience will be in line with the experiences offered by our partner carriers

From our partner carriers, we offer auto, home, and renters insurance. Through our managed insurance program in Texas, we offer auto insurance.

You can request a quote through the Cover app, which you can download from the iOS app store and Google Play store.

For auto insurance, you can also get a quote here on Cover.com.

A Cover insurance advisor will reach out to you via SMS regarding your quote. At this time, you can ask any questions you have about the deductible or the coverage.

Just download Cover to request a quote for your car, home, renters, jewelry or any other property you want to insure.

You can contact a Cover advisor in-app by clicking on the ‘Messages’ tab. Click ‘Message an advisor’ to start the conversation.

For general inquiries, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page or drop us a line at [email protected]

Of course! Switching insurance companies is easy and our team advisors can help talk you through it.

Yes. We offer commercial property, general liability, errors & omissions (E&O), directors & officers liability (D&O), cyber liability and product liability.

About Your Policy

If you need to make a claim, refer to your policy documents. You can view your carrier contact information there.

For Cover Auto customers, your claims will be handled by Littleton Claims. The contact information will be in your policy documents in the app.

Once we’ve confirmed payment, Cover’s insurance advisor will email your policy documents to you. If you are a Cover Auto customer, you can access your policy documents and your insurance card on the mobile app.

Taking photos is a requirement for all Cover Auto policies, but with other policies we sell, you can still insure your property without this step. However, sending us photos at the beginning of a policy is very useful. In the event of a claim, it’s helpful for the insurance company to see your property in good condition to sufficiently compensate you for your loss. These photos are especially useful for all the important things in your home.

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