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Offer product warranty and protection plans

Cover makes it easy for your customers to purchase warranties and protection on goods from your Shopify store.

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Easy installation and effortless customer experience

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2-step installation

Once you install Cover, simply select the products you want to provide warranty or protection on and customize how it’ll look in your store. The rest of the heavy lifting is on us!

Offer customers peace of mind

Take your store to the next level by offering your customers the same level of protection, as if they’re buying goods from Amazon or Ebay.

Offer warranty at the point of sale

There’s no need to change how your customers shop. Your customers can add warranties and protection plans to their purchase at checkout.

No additional overhead

How does Cover Warranty work?

  1. Customer purchases a product and warranty from your store.
  2. Cover will email the customer their policy upon purchase.
  3. If the customer needs to make a claim, they will contact Cover.
  4. Claims are reviewed and paid by Cover, at no risk to you.

Perks of Cover

Increase revenue from your Shopify sales

Make money without the effort. Dramatically improve your sales margin by earning a 15-20% commission on all warranty premiums sold in your store. So if the premium sold was $10, you’ll get to keep $2. It’s that simple.

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100% risk-free margin

Get a percentage of all the warranty plans you sell. We do all the heavy lifting in terms of setting the right premium price and coverage for the products you’re selling, so all you have to worry about is the extra money coming in.

We’ll take care of claims

Once your customer purchases product warranty from your store, we'll send them their protection policy outlining the details. Should they ever need to make a claim, Cover will be there to help.

What can you cover?

Add protection to just about anything

We’ve worked hard create warranty policies that covers unique and diverse products from any Shopify store. These are some of the products protected using Cover.

  • Sports Equipment
  • Phones + Laptops
  • Musical Instruments
  • Office Furniture
  • Plants + Shrubbery
  • Gaming Equipment
  • Jewelry + Watches
  • More

We'll automatically pre-select products that have a value of $20 or more to offer protection on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cover?

Cover is a mobile first insurance brokerage. From cars, drones, and houses to comic book collections and even your beloved cat Steven. Take a photo and we'll get you covered.

What coverages are included?

Protection plans cover malfunctions and hardware defects that extend beyond your manufacturers warranty, and additional coverage for accidental damages due to handling. Explore additional coverages in-app.

How will my customer file a claim?

Customers file claims directly with Cover, so there isn't any additional operational overhead for our merchant partners.

How does manufacturer warranty work with Cover?

Most new purchases come with a manufacturer's warranty that cover defects due to parts or workmanship. Like other extended warranties, Cover's coverage only begins when the manufacturer’s warranty ends (typically up to one year from the date of purchase). If there is an issue with an item while the original warranty is still active, the claim is handled by the manufacturer per their usual process.

How is the warranty calculated?

The premium is automatically calculated based on the item value combined with a percentage from its product category. Different product categories offer different protection plans, so the percentage varies.