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Geico Auto Insurance Reviews


  • Ranked in the top third of providers for claims handling
  • Scored about average for insurance buying experience
  • Auto premium prices around the average charged by bigger insurance companies for drivers with clean record and good credit

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Considering Geico? Checking out Geico auto insurance reviews from other users can tell you a lot – but not the full picture. You’ll see different scores and different reviews across different websites.

These reviews might not be reflective of everyone’s experience.

Instead to give you a better idea of how Geico’s standing for auto insurance we brought together the key third party reviews.

JD Power


JD Power ranked Geico 6th out of 26 for overall satisfaction in its 2017 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. The study reviews First Notice of Loss, Claims Servicing, Estimation, Repair process, Rental Experience and Settlement.The report gave Geico an overall rating of four out of five.

For the insurance buying process JD power gave Geico 3 out of 5 – ranking the company 9th out of 21 providers.

Nerd Wallet

Nerd wallet

Nerdwallet’s study of auto insurance companies gave Geico 4 stars out of five, ranking the company 13th out of 23 insurance companies included.

This score is a blended average of third party studies such as JD Power and Consumer Reports as well as complaints and financial stability data.

Consumer Reports

Consumer reports

Despite leaving claimants very satisfied overall, Geico is in Consumer Reports second tier of ratings. Against the other major insurance companies Geico’s prices were about in the middle for drivers with excellent credit and a clean driving record.

Better Business Bureau

Better business bureau

The Better Business Bureau which takes a look at how businesses handle customer complaints. The rating doesn’t look at auto insurance specifically, but Geico still scored well. The BBB gave Geico an A-, meaning the company scored 90-94 out of 100.



The National Association of Insurance Commissioners compiles data of complaints to state regulators against insurance companies.

Geico had fewer complaints about auto insurance to state regulators than the industry median in 2017 relative to its size, according to the NAIC data.

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